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2 Barnett Road – P.O. Box 996
Medford, OR 97501

Photo of Laura
Laura Naumes Vice President - Fresh Division Manager
Phone: (541) 772-6268
Photo of Mike
Mike Naumes President - Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (541) 772-6268
Photo of Yvette Almaraz
Yvette Almaraz Fruit Sales
Phone: 541-608-1712
Photo of Elliot Anderson
Elliot Anderson Fruit Sales
Phone: 541-608-1716 Phone:
Photo of Robert Boggess
Robert Boggess General Counsel Real Estate Manager
Phone: (541) 608-1732
Photo of Dave Briggs
Dave Briggs General Manager Cold Storage Operations
Phone: (541) 773-6805
Photo of Tracy Caster
Tracy Caster Assistant Controller Accounting & Finance Manager
Phone: (541) 608-1747
Photo of Annie Eadie
Annie Eadie Chief Financial Officer Corporate Controller
Phone: (541) 608-1725
Photo of Roz Fugate
Roz Fugate Executive Assistant
Phone: (541) 608-1731
Photo of Rick Hamilton
Rick Hamilton General Manager Packing Operations
Phone: (541) 773-9545
Photo of Leticia Iboa
Leticia Iboa Sales Accountant
Phone: (541) 608-1720
Photo of Joe Naumes
Joe Naumes Website & Tech Services
Photo of Juan Quirarte
Juan Quirarte Director of Orchard Operations
Phone: (541) 772-6268
Photo of Mary Rodriguez
Mary Rodriguez Employment Services Manager and Payroll Manager
Phone: (541) 608-1736
Photo of Kyle White
Kyle White Technology Operations Manager
Phone: (541) 608-1737
Photo of Ron White
Ron White Assistant Manager Cold Storage Operations
Phone: (541) 773-6805
Photo of Debra Witt
Debra Witt Office Assistant/Data Control Cold Storage Operations
Phone: (541) 773-6805